Lion Swap

As part of the DGR’s lion management strategy we are moving one of our male lions (the Northern pride male) to Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, and getting a new male from them for genetic management reasons.

The DGR has a wild managed lion population. We currently have a total of 22 lion – 6 adult females, 2 adult males, and 14 cubs ranging from two to ten months.

The Nkawu pride has two females with four cubs from one female born in January 2021 and the newest addition of five cubs born from the second female in April 2021. The Mazantsi pride consists of one female with her four cubs born in July 2020. The Northern pride has two females and one male. The male is in the process of moving to Kwandwe Private Game Reserve and a new male is to be introduced from the same reserve. The Eastern pride has one female and her one cub born in May 2020. There is also the lone Marakele male.

Why do reserves swap out lion?

To introduce fresh genetics, for population control and for the meta population management of the South African wild managed lion population.

There is an abundance of males in most of the reserves, and therefor it is mostly males that are trans located and swapped.

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