Gauteng's only Big Five Game Reserve

Take care of Nature, and Nature will take care of us


The Dinokeng Game Reserve story centers around conservation, as a project started through strategic initiatives of Gauteng Provincial Government and the efforts of an enthusiastic more than 170 landowners. Together they developed the concept that eco-tourism could become the source for upliftment of rural communities through sustainable employment.

Situated within the boundaries of a large metropolis the Dinokeng Game Reserve has the potential to become a model for future conservation where people and wild animals live in harmony. And it is on the way to prove itself as an example for successful transformation with so far more than 800 permanent jobs created for people living in the adjoining communities.

The name of the Dinokeng Game Reserve (DGR) is derived from the languages of the baTswana and baPedi people who traditionally inhabited the area. Meaning “a place of rivers”, Dinokeng lies in the catchment area of two rivers that flow into the Olifants and Limpopo rivers and on to the Indian Ocean.

The DGR is situated on the north eastern quadrant of the Gauteng Province of South Africa between latitudes 25°40’00”S and 25°10’00”Sand longitudes 28°15’00”E and 28°40’00”E comprising currently 19 000 ha.

The DGR area experiences summer rainfall patterns in the form of thunder storms which can be variable and erratic. Rainfall varies from 350mm to 750mm per season. Temperatures vary between 0° and 40° with a long term daily average of 21°.

The Dinokeng Game Reserve is Malaria-free.


The Dinokeng Game Reserve is situated in the Greater Dinokeng Area, a region in northern Gauteng that was earmarked for development through eco-tourism. As part of the Gauteng Governments Blue IQ project, formal planning and controlled development of Dinokeng Game Reserve together with negotiations with landowners began in the early 2000’s

Construction of a 200km perimeter game fence for the Reserve commenced in 2008 and landowners began to dismantle fences around individual properties allowing game to move freely between properties. Big 5 Animals such as White Rhino followed by Lions and Elephants were progressively introduced by 2011.

The Reserve was officially opened on 22 September 2011 after the introduction of four of the Big 5 had been accomplished. Buffalo were introduced in late 2012.

In 2018 a herd of Black Rhino were released into the reserve making it a genuine Big 5 Reserve.