Hyenas – Persistence Pays

Our game reserve is blessed being home of the rarest hyena species, the brown hyena (Hyena brunnes). But for a long time a typical night sound for an environment like ours was missing: the laughing of the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta).

Our spotted hyena project to settle spotted hyena has been an ongoing challenge with several setbacks. Newly introduced hyena were killed by our lions or they went missing although we have no proof there was high evidence of poaching.

What a delight it is for us to discover this week that there were new hyena cubs at a remote den in our game reserve. Observing a multitude of hyena spoor would not be out of the ordinary but when we realised that some of the spoor were a whole lot smaller our rangers became excited.

Reading the spoor indicated that there could be two lots of cubs in the age category of 6 to 8 week and up to 3 months old,

Our rangers set up a night camera and here was the proof that we were looking for.

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