Fighting a common threat: Poaching

So far the Dinokeng Game Reserve and its APU (anti-poaching unit) have been successful in protecting our rhinos and elephants. But poaching for so called bushmeat also is a constant thread and has caused major losses. Amongst others we lost already a lioness and a cheetah in snares.

So the fight against poaching is abiding and it needs enduring support to keep up with the rearmament of the criminals. Everybody can support this fight.
Ladies of the the Wilderness Way section of the reserve have established a fundraising committee and over the last for years have raised more than R750 000.00 which has been ploughed back into the Dinokeng Game Reserve as a whole. This money supported the Anti-Poaching Unit and equipped them with numerous items to make them more comfortable and efficient. Amongst others they have been supplied with winter uniforms, inoculations against rabies, Lexie our tracker dog (sadly passed away due to a snake bite) housing for Lexie, medical aid kits, a Toyota 4×4 response vehicle with servicing, bivouac equipment, ammunition and the list goes on.

The Anti-Poaching 200 Club is a fun way to support this cause. Membership is R100.00 per month paid in advance. There is a public draw done every month at a get-together in the park. 20 members win R100.00 and 2 members win Grand Prizes of R2 000.00 each month for a year, so you have a great chance to win back your contribution! All money raised from the 200 Club will be spent on anti-poaching in the Dinokeng Game Reserve. If you would like more information, please contact or

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