New and Noteworthy

Grab your virtual binoculars, lace up your digital hiking boots, and get ready for an immersive exploration of Dinokeng Game Reserve. Let’s celebrate the beauty of nature, raise awareness about conservation, and share in the wonders that make this place truly extraordinary. Welcome to the Dinokeng Game Reserve Blog, where adventure awaits!

The Miracle 8’s first bites at cheetah adulthood

The Miracle 8 are certainly growing up right before our eyes. And as they grow up, we decided it was time to bring in the next step of their rewilding process – food that doesn’t arrive in a bowl! They started off small by giving them some zebra legs – stripped of the meat but with some skin and sinew

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Dinokeng Game Reserve Management Statement

The Dinokeng Game Reserve Management Association (DGRMA) and Dinokeng Game Enterprises (DGE) are committed to minimising the risk to human life and are therefore having the Marekele Matriarch examined by a veterinary expert today, thereafter a decision on further action will be taken. The elephant will not be euthanised today. The elephant will be checked out following a lengthy process

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Forming a New Coalition

Ever heard of someone saying they are bonding cheetah? We received 2 new 18-month-old cheetah males. One from Nkomazi Game Reserve in Mpumalanga, that was purchased through the EWT metapopulation programme, and one from Northwest Parks Board caught in the Kalahari, that was kindly sponsored to the DGR through Cheetah Outreach, an organisation focussed on the survival of the

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