Our Rietvlei female welcomes another litter

On Tuesday the 22/03/2022, our Wildlife Monitor discovered 5 new cheetah cubs belonging to the Rietvlei Female Cheetah. The cubs are believed to be about 3 days old and are still in their den site. The den site will be left undisturbed to allow the best chance of mom raising the new cubs.

The Miracle 8’s first bites at cheetah adulthood

The Miracle 8 are certainly growing up right before our eyes. And as they grow up, we decided it was time to bring in the next step of their rewilding process – food that doesn’t arrive in a bowl! They started off small by giving them some zebra legs – stripped of the meat but […]

Dinokeng Game Reserve Management Statement

The Dinokeng Game Reserve Management Association (DGRMA) and Dinokeng Game Enterprises (DGE) are committed to minimising the risk to human life and are therefore having the Marekele Matriarch examined by a veterinary expert today, thereafter a decision on further action will be taken. The elephant will not be euthanised today. The elephant will be checked […]

Forming a New Coalition

Ever heard of someone saying they are bonding cheetah? We received 2 new 18-month-old cheetah males. One from Nkomazi Game Reserve in Mpumalanga, that was purchased through the EWT metapopulation programme, and one from Northwest Parks Board caught in the Kalahari, that was kindly sponsored to the DGR through Cheetah Outreach www.cheetah.co.za, an organisation focussed […]

Miracle 5 Cheetah Diary Entry 5: Warning, cuteness overload!

In the last update we reported that the three new cubs had finally started settling in at the sanctuary. Well, we are thrilled to say that things have only gotten better since then, thanks to the constant dedication and care from our sanctuary staff. Even though the progress is in the form of small victories, […]

The Miracle 5 Cheetah Diary Entry 4: New Kids on the Block!

Another three cheetah cubs are at the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary. Their mother had not been poached, but rather killed by a lion – a sad reality of the wild. The DGR rangers did an absolutely great job in catching the cubs, but the wily little cheetah gave them the run-around for a whole 9 […]

Welcome, Samara!

The 6 year old male lion called Samara, named after the reserve Samara Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, which donated the lion to the DGR has been released into the DGR. He was released in the southern section from the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, where he was in the boma for the last […]

The Miracle 5 Cheetah Diary Entry 3: The mystery of the phantom pooper

Over the past few weeks, there was an unusual Sherlock Holmes case that had unfolded at the cheetah enclosure. When feeding the cubs one morning, Caroline discovered a ‘gift’ on the transport cage in the night pen. Amused, but thinking nothing more of it, the day went on as always. However, once this habit had […]

The Miracle 5 Cheetah Diary Entry 2: Playing Wild

A new addition to the enclosure for the cubs was sourced by Kevin Richardson Foundation director and cheetah carer, Caroline – a dead tree for them to play on! Imagine going into your backyard as a kid and finding a jungle gym that had suddenly sprouted. That excitement and thrill certainly spans across species as […]


After we lost Zella to lion a few months ago, we now have a new leopard female. We have acquired a new leopard female, 2-3 years from North West Parks Board. She is currently in the predator boma as part of her habituation and to remove her homing instinct. We currently have Ziklas,  and another […]