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How you can help

The global pandemic has proved to be one of the most trying times for humanity, affecting communities and businesses alike. The Dinokeng Game Reserve is no exception to this and is currently under tremendous financial pressure to ensure that the game reserve stays afloat and ultimately exists well beyond this crisis. The Dinokeng Game Reserve is a cornerstone of socioeconomic development within the region providing job opportunities and outreach to many including our local communities, which have all been impacted during this time. Furthermore the Dinokeng Game Reserve is a model for future conservation where humans and wildlife life together in harmony in a densely populated area.

As such, we are reaching out to individuals and organizations for donations to help support our various fund-raising initiatives. At this stage we have 2 fund raising projects: a food parcel drive for our local community and the other is a drive to support all our conservation efforts in the park, including anti-poaching, fire control and wildlife management.


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All funds received go into an account held by our registered NPO (please see our registration details below) and are utilized specifically in accordance with strict guidelines so as to ensure that every last cent goes towards these projects.

We are also happy to receive donations in any form including grocery vouchers.

Bank Details:

Name:DGR Environmental and Social Development NPC
Bank:First National Bank
Account Number:62799300084
Branch Code:250655
Branch name:Hammanskraal
References:Food or Conservation (based on what initiative your donation is intended to support)

Registration details:

Registration number: 2018/492140 /08
NPO number: 238-694-NPO

Please note: at this time we are not able to issue section 18A tax certificates however we are in the process of registering with SARS to be able to issue these certificates to our respective donors in the near future.


Get In Touch:

If you wish to support the game reserve and its current initiatives, please contact us as per contact details below