The Miracle 5 Cheetah Diary Entry 3: The mystery of the phantom pooper

Over the past few weeks, there was an unusual Sherlock Holmes case that had unfolded at the cheetah enclosure. When feeding the cubs one morning, Caroline discovered a ‘gift’ on the transport cage in the night pen. Amused, but thinking nothing more of it, the day went on as always. However, once this habit had […]

The Miracle 5 Cheetah Diary Entry 2: Playing Wild

A new addition to the enclosure for the cubs was sourced by Kevin Richardson Foundation director and cheetah carer, Caroline – a dead tree for them to play on! Imagine going into your backyard as a kid and finding a jungle gym that had suddenly sprouted. That excitement and thrill certainly spans across species as […]

The Miracle 5 Cheetah Diary Entry 1: Survival and early days

After their mother did not return to her den, the survival of the cubs became a race against time. Cubs can only survive 24-48 hours without dehydrating and dying. Luckily, the Dinokeng Game Reserve anti-poaching team was quick to detect that the cheetah mother’s GPS satellite collar had stopped moving, and they immediately dispatched a […]

Hyenas – Persistence Pays

Our game reserve is blessed being home of the rarest hyena species, the brown hyena (Hyena brunnes). But for a long time a typical night sound for an environment like ours was missing: the laughing of the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta). Our spotted hyena project to settle spotted hyena has been an ongoing challenge with […]

X-rays in the veld

Sometimes, extra measures are necessary to make sure your wildlife are okay. One of our young white rhino bulls were seen walking with a limp, and we wanted to find out what the cause is and to treat him if necessary. With the assistance from Dr Shaun Beverley as vet and Mr. Richard Burns from […]

The African Elephant

The African Elephant (Loxodonta africana and Loxodonta cyclotis) is under threat and is classified as vulnerable species due to habitat loss and fragmentation, and poaching. In areas where elephants and humans live in close proximity to each other, human-elephant-conflicts are increasing. This often results in property damage, injuries and sometimes even the death of elephants […]

Fighting a common threat: Poaching

So far the Dinokeng Game Reserve and its APU (anti-poaching unit) have been successful in protecting our rhinos and elephants. But poaching for so called bushmeat also is a constant thread and has caused major losses. Amongst others we lost already a lioness and a cheetah in snares. So the fight against poaching is abiding […]