After we lost Zella to lion a few months ago, we now have a new leopard female. We have acquired a new leopard female, 2-3 years from North West Parks Board. She is currently in the predator boma as part of her habituation and to remove her homing instinct. We currently have Ziklas,  and another […]

Camera Traps & Conservation

Camera traps plays a cardinal role when it comes to monitoring wildlife. It becomes your eyes where your eyes cannot be. It makes it possible to observe animals with minimal to no disruption. They do not even know they are being filmed or photographed… Camera traps are a recognized scientific tool used for identification and […]

Predator conflict

The DGR is well known as a Big Five Reserve, i.e. lions, elephants, buffalo, leopard and rhino (black and white) roam freely in the reserve, where nature must be allowed to take its course. This is a sad story that will illustrate the challenges and the unexpected turn of events that are part and parcel […]